Implementation of an Argus for the computer hardware’s valuation, Computers, laptops, server, screen, smartphones, touchpad…

Establishment of a tariff rates for :

  • The computer hardware valuation haircut (faulty equipment)
  • Procedure for e-waste’s destruction


Detailed audit and integrity test, identifying the state and technical set-up of the products before and after reconditioning

Detailed inventorying and product tracking throughout our managing interface until their remarketing.

Control procedures, with permanent visibility for our suppliers of the state and progress of their materials audit, throughout our AIS (Audit Information System)


Repair and standardization of the end-of-life products when it is economically viable.

Cleaning of the products.

Optimization of the materials technical characteristics for their remarketing.

Ranking, referencing and storage of the products.


In France, we are working with certified and specialized companies who are the only one authorized to provide a certificate of destruction called BSD.

The provision of waybill attached to the BSD, states the brand, models and serial number of the materials sent to recycling and gives a perfect traceability of the products put in e-waste.